Drain Maintenance

Are you looking for expert drainage maintenance? Northside Drainage have the equipment and expertise to ensure your drains are in great condition and you are safe from headaches.

While all drainage systems are designed to function efficiently, regular maintenance is crucial. Common drainage issues like blockages, joint fractures, and cracks can lead to problematic situations. To keep your drainage system in optimal condition, proper maintenance is essential.

Most Common Drainage Problems

1. Blockages
Drain blockages can occur without warning and may go unnoticed for years. Common causes include hair, coffee grounds, and fat. While there are DIY methods to clear blockages, it’s best to call in professional drain cleaning experts if you lack the necessary skills and patience.

2. Open/Displaced Joints
Ground movements, increased traffic, and instability can cause pipes to develop open and displaced joints. These gaps allow wastewater leaks, leading to structural damage. Pipe breakdown due to loss of support is another issue.

3. Cracks and Fractures
Excessive deterioration can result in cracks and fractures, typically near pipe joints. These defects allow wastewater to leak into surrounding areas, weakening the structure.

4. Root Intrusions
Plant and tree roots can penetrate the drain pipework, searching for water, nutrients, and oxygen. They can enter through joints or even punch holes in the pipe material, causing wastewater leaks and odours.

5. Broken or Collapsed Pipe Sections
Collapsed pipes are a major problem, as wastewater can no longer leave the property, leading to further issues like sinkholes, subsidence, and mould/dampness.

Importance of Drain Cleaning

Regular drain cleaning is essential to address problems like pungent odours, water accumulation, and unsanitary conditions in the exterior area. Neglecting drain maintenance can result in various problems.

Tips for Drainage Line Cleaning

DIY solutions like using enzyme cleaners, snakes, flushing with water, and vinegar-baking soda mixtures can help address minor clogs. However, for more complex issues, it’s best to call in professional drain cleaning services to prevent further damage.



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