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Anton Johnson

Anton is our in-house, specialist Certifying Drainlayer and CCTV Drain Inspector. Anton has a great attitude and over his 5+ years of experience he has amassed an in depth of knowledge of CCTV and drainage systems. Our inspection cameras allow us to locate drain blockages or damage; eliminating or significantly reducing the guesswork and additional work when determining the exact location of your issue. More

Dianne Mayes

Dianne is our Office Manager and is a master of keeping the paperwork in order while the teams are out on their projects. If you've been contacted from us about job details or for payments, chances are it has been courtesy of Dianne. She'll greet you with a beaming smile and a cheery disposition, only getting grumpy when customers are late to pay their invoices. More

Phil Hall

Phil is our Operations Manager and is in charge of delivering projects on budget, on time and to the specification provided. He ensures our teams are at the correct location on the right date and time with the required equipment to do the job. Phil has a wealth of experience and knowledge and this is a fantastic asset to both our business and the customer experience. Namaste. More

Nigel Ashley

Nigel is the Owner/Operator of Northside Drainage and has been a drain layer for 25 years. He spends every day working with his teams in their various projects, keeping a keen eye on standards and workmanship - ensuring the highest quality. Nigel has created a tight-knit team that are all results driven and because of his leadership has enjoyed growth with every year in business. More